The National Consumer Advisory Board is a private research organization dedicated to providing consumers information about the finest professionals across the nation. We accept no fees, sponsorships donations or advertising to be selected as one of "America's Best Chiropractors".

Selections are done based on a proprietary assessment of a chiropractors experience, training, continuing education and commitment to excellence to ensure the most impartial unbiased review of all applicants. The National Consumer Advisory Board provides rating sites for the following health care professionals:

How Chiropractors Are Selected

Chiropractor Education & Training

To insure the highest level of credibility, all Chiropractors go through a 4-step selection process: Nomination, Application, Verification of Credentials and Listing. This proprietary system is specifically designed to identify and highlight the finest professionals in the country. Chiropractors do not and cannot pay to be selected for our directory.

  1. Nomination: A Chiropractor may be recommended by another Chiropractor, a patient, a healthcare colleague or by our selection committee. Once nominated each Chiropractor is contacted to inform them that they have been endorsed.
  2. Application: The Chiropractor is asked to complete an online questionnaire that asks about their training, continuing education, degrees, honors, years of experience, licensure, selections by peers or other healthcare providers, and other aspects of their practices. Our application is specifically designed to identify the finest providers based on their backgrounds, training, patient relationships, reputation and overall commitment to excellence.
  3. Verification: If a Chiropractor successfully qualifies, their application goes through our verification process. Our staff reviews the information provided and researches each doctor's credentials, disciplinary actions, certifications and experience. We also carefully check online reviews and testimonials from dozens of search engines, social media and review sites, to insure each doctor provides highly positive patient experiences.
  4. Registry Listing: Only after successful completion of all three steps are Chiropractors included in our registry. Our selection process is designed to provide consumers and referring healthcare professionals with the most extensive review possible. We always recommend that consumers also do their own research, include referrals from friends and family, recommendations from other healthcare professionals and other traditional methods to select their dentist.

How to Nominate A Chiropractor

We welcome consumers to nominate professionals that have provided you with outstanding care and demonstrated superior skills, exceptional knowledge and commitment to excellence. We also encourage doctors to nominate distinguished colleagues deserving of recognition.

To recommend a Health Care Professional for inclusion in any of our directories, please email us at TodaysBestDoctors@Gmail.com. Please include the Provider’s Name, Profession or Specialty, City and State.

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